10 "Unusual" Ways to Respond at Easter

On Easter Sunday, many people greet each other with the phrase, "He is risen," out of remeberance of the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus. The proper response is to say, "He is risen indeed," in return.

As I was preparing my children for the service this morning, I asked them about the phrase. There answers reminded me that not everyone knows about this Easter tradition.

Here are ten unusal answers you might hear to the greeting, "He is risen." Enjoy!

1. Who has?
2. Again?!?!
3. Go and do likewise.
4. Congratulations!
5. No way!
6. And so He has.
7. May the Force be with you
8. Where did he go?
9. Oh Happy day.
10. Okay...

And a great response from my daughter....

The tomb is empty

How to Overcome Even the Darkest Days

This post was originally written in 2015.  Yet, I felt it was appropriate for Holy Week.
Over the last several months, I have seen my fair share of darkness, watching people struggle with illness, conflict, job loss, death, and other “storms” that swell in life. When I was a kid, I used to always say, “that's not fair,” to which my dad would reply, “well, baby, life's not fair.”

The human response to pain and suffering comes in many forms. We can pacify our pain, deny it exists, distract the issue, or project our feelings on others, just to name a few. Some coping strategies can be healthy, (such as gardening or journaling) and others destructive (excessive alcohol consumption, lashing out at others).

When thinking on how to deal with dark times, I am reminded of the song, “Tomorrow” from the musical Annie. The child, being in what seems like a hopeless living situation, looks at her life from the perspective that no matter what problems she faces today, the sun will come out aga…

My Bible Study with Mormons

Three weeks ago, two Mormon girls knocked on my door and asked if I would like to watch a video about Easter.  I agreed.  After the video, I invited them inside to warm themselves from the cold.  We sat down and talked about life and faith.  At the end of the conversation, I asked if I could pray for them.  Before they left, they asked if they could come back next week and read Scripture with me.  I had told them that I had studied the New Testament in seminary.

Last week, we read John 1 together.  We discussed how Jesus came to earth for the world in order to justify us for our sins.  I talked about the notions of truth, grace and freedom.  It was a wonderful time of fellowship.  The girls asked if they could come back the following week and discuss John 2.  I asked them if it would be ok if I made them lunch and they agreed.

Today we met for the third week.  This time, we had all studied John 2 beforehand.  We discussed Jesus' wedding at Cana and then the cleansing of the temp…

Easier Said Than Done: Three Ways to Live a Life of Encouragement

This past week, in our family devotional, one of the daily Scriptures was 1 Thessalonians 5:11, which states, "Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing. " Over Christmas break, my darling children found this verse slightly difficult to live out to each other.  As a family, we discussed ways in which we could uplift each other and make our family stronger.
The following morning, I awoke to screams and tears.  "This is not what the Bible means when it talks about encouraging one another," I groaned to my elementary-aged bandits. The day continued with a struggle for peace.
As the week progressed, I experienced my own frustration with others in my Christian family.  In those moments, I realized that it is so much easier to go for the jugular than to respond in kindness and humility.  In our flesh, we want to "win" an argument rather than understand the person's point of view.  We try to justify the reasons for our mis…

A Word of Encouragement - Book Review of Ordinary Graces

A Word of Encouragement: Review of Ordinary Graces: Word Gifts for Any Season

There are moments when God places the right resources into your hands at the right time.I have had the opportunity to experience such grace recently.I had been struggling in my faith walk for about a month and a half when I was given the book,Ordinary Graces: Word Gifts for Any Season by Lucinda Secrest McDowell.Having the chance to meet with Lucinda earlier in the year, I knew the passion she had behind the project and the desire she had to instill hope and life into others.Hope and life were two elements I desperately needed.
As I opened the cover to the devotional, her phrase “word gifts” pricked my thoughts.The premise of the book is that each chapter gives you a word on which to meditate and marinate.Accompanied by the word gift of the day is a verse of Scripture and then a personal glimpse into the heart of the author.Through her authenticity, she provides insight and encouragement into the daily theme.…

How to Live through a Storm

How to Live Through a Storm

As Irma continued to creep near, a weight bore through my soul.From the current weather, no one would suspect a storm was brewing. My twin sister resides on the bay in St. Petersburg.While her family is safely nestled with my parents, most of their worldly goods lie vulnerable to the hurricane’s wrath.A cyclone of such magnitude has not targeted the Tampa Bay area in almost one hundred years.

It seems that recently, our world has suffered an increasing number of life storms, whether they be meteorological or metaphorical.We clean up from one disaster only to turn on the news to learn of another.How do we find hope in the storm?

This evening, God helped show me a glimmer of His grace.

My church decided to act and make cleaning kits for those affected by Irma.I gathered my children and we discussed how many kits to make as a family.I told them that each kit had a shipping fee of $1.50.My ten-year-old son lit up at the price.“That’s okay Mom,” he declared.“I have …

15 Things You Cannot Get Away with as an Adult

Things you cannot get away with as an adult (but you secretly want to do):

Go trick-or-treating (without a child)
Eat a Ring-Pop while on your finger or any other piece of candy jewelry for that matter
Carry a stuffed animal around
Jump in a bounce house
Eat Bugles off your fingers like they are your nails
Swing high on a swing set
Twirl in a meadow and pretend you are Maria in the Sound of Music
Jump is puddles when it’s raining
Jump on a trampoline
Say whatever comes to your mind
Wear mismatched clothes because it’s fun
Chase an ice cream truck
Catch fireflies
Scream at a scary movie
Run when you must go to the restroom
I would love for you to add your own in the comment section! ~CW